Movie Review: “Her”

The movie “Her” comes pretty close to describing how the world might look like in 20 years. Screen Shot 2014-04-06 at 5.26.34 PMThe day can’t be far away when we start viewing a computer not just an enabler, but as a soul mate. The idea seems revolutionary, but in some ways aren’t we already there?
With the majority of jobs nowadays tailored around it, and us being constantly connected on the go with our smartphones and tablets, it is not very hard to imagine a day when our lives are completely intertwined, if not run, by a computer. But can it go so far as having an intimate relationship with one? This is where I could not comprehend how Theodore or Amy could find such a thing perfectly acceptable. “Her”, Samantha is real and perceptive, someone I wish I had in my life as a best friend but would she be a replacement for human contact? I think not. The more we lean towards a computer to fill the void in our lives, the more we isolate ourselves from fellow human beings. Don’t we already hide behind our smartphones, so we don’t have to make awkward conversations with other parents at our kids soccer practice? I know I do. It’s an easy out. But to take that to a new level by having a relationship with an OS, because we feel a connection to it, is something else entirely. The direction is superb and Joaquin Phoenix is a force to reckon with, but the movie “Her” left me feeling a little less human.

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