Dove’s real beauty sketches

Dove’s real beauty sketches video leads to controversy | MNN – Mother Nature Network.

Dove’s real beauty sketches have always opened up a debate on how women perceive beauty and more importantly how much it affects our personality and self-esteem. Personally I believe there is nothing more beautiful than a woman who is comfortable with just who she is. But arguably our society places a lot of importance on beauty and appearance. What do you think? Do we perceive ourselves to be less beautiful than how others see us?


Allure of the sari!

It has been said that the Indian sari is one of the most gorgeous and chic outfits out there…I couldn’t agree more.
Taking yards of fabric and wrapping it around to create an extremely stylish yet sophisticated look is a stroke of genius. And the best part there is absolutely no cutting, stitching or fitting involved.
So what’s so fascinating about the sari that makes it such a versatile outfit? It comes in many different colors and enchanting patterns or embroidery to suit any body type or complexion – my favorite is the pink chiffon. You can drape or wrap a saree in any way that you feel comfortable (there are actually 50 plus ways to wrap a sari!). A chic halter top or backless blouse adds some extra pizzazz and compliments perfectly the demure of the sari.
Pair it with heels and a simple clutch to pull off a stylish yet extremely elegant look!

11 new ways to wear the sari.