How does the saying go “How many does it take to change a light bulb?” It took four of us get this blog started. We’ve been friends since high school (all the way from India no less), moved to the US in our 20s, happily settled now with families. We all have kids about the same age and they are a constant source of inspiration (also give us good fodder and hilarious punch lines for our daily tit bits). This blog is not so much about opinions as it is about encouraging conversation, not so much about what we like or dislike as it is about sharing our  journey through this maze of a life. Oh and if you are wondering about our curious blog address, it’s actually a pun on forever21, I love that store, but the truth is we are not 21 anymore ( I really wish they had a forever 36 store), so part of this blog is all about embracing the 30s!

We hope you enjoy your stay here and do let us know what you think!

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One thought on “About

  1. Very interesting line of thought which in many ways I can relate to and I do agree that life challenges you like a giant maze and every one of us is out there trying to solve it.We all live in a small world that we created but what better way than to find those many different worlds through books.

    Good luck and keep sharing….

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