Book Review: “Terms and Conditions” by Robert Glancy


termsWhat makes “Terms and Conditions” such an enjoyable read?
a. It’s extremely funny
b. It’s full of heart
c. It’s very uplifting
d. All of the above

Answer d. All of the above

In the most brilliant use of footnotes ever, “Terms and Conditions” by Robert Glancy is a remarkable début and a thoroughly joyful read. An uplifting story about second chances and not letting life pass you by. It’s about grabbing it by the horns and riding it all the way into the sunset. When not being funny, it’s warm and thoughtful, like cold vanilla ice cream topped with hot chocolate fudge. Reading it “Made my heart grow big”. I’d almost compare it to “Delicacy” by David Foenkinos, one of my all-time favorite books. If I am running out of praises for this book, it’s because I cannot put into words how much I have enjoyed reading it. Five out of five stars. Kudos Robert Glancy, I’d like some more.

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The smart things…and the dumb things

I was helping my son with third grade math homework yesterday and one of the questions on it was “Which one is heavier, one pound of feathers or one pound of books?” This is when my grey cells normally kick into gear. Well, in this case they didn’t because I went with “Of course, it’s the books”. My son pauses for a second, then says “Actually mom, this is a trick question. They would both be the same. ‘Cause they are both one pound, there’d just be more feathers than books”. Of course not in those same words but in his third grade lingo with lot of ‘but’s’ and ‘um’s’ weaved in. When he said that though, I think I had a minor epiphany. A revelation of sorts. My son is really good at math, but the bit he’s not good with is explaining the reasoning behind his answer, which I am good at. In other words, he is good with numbers and I am good with words. We are all smart at some things and dumb at some. Maybe the essence of life is to work on the dumb things, and try to get better at those. If we can do them a little better than we do today, the smart side of us will take care of the rest. Maybe that is what growing as a human is all about. Agree?