sharpFresh off the heels of a movie, set in the not-so-distant-future (“Her”) it was back to a dose of reality with Gillian Flynn’s “Sharp Objects”. And, ’twas real and very dark. As reality sometimes is. I am constantly amazed by Gillian Flynn’s writing. Her mastery at dissecting the deepest darkest traits in us human beings and then skillfully going about describing them in a very detailed and precise way, is unparalleled. She has quickly become one of my favorite writers rivaling only Jo Nesbo. “Sharp Objects” follows the journey of Camille Preaker, an upcoming (mediocre at best)  journalist back to her (very small) hometown of Wind Gap, Mo. so she can write a piece on the intriguing happenings gripping town. As she gets pulled further and further into this web of bizzareness surrounding her, we, the readers learn of Camille’s vulnerabilities and the demons she has been battling all her life (insert cutter here, among other things). This is where Flynn’s writing really shines through. She can get us to detest and at the same time feel very sorry for Camille, the irony being, compared to some of the other characters in the book, Camille is really one of the tamer ones. Adora and Amma’s characters are enough to make your stomach roil leave alone the kind of things they do. The plot is superbly executed keeping the reader guessing to the end. One some level, I believe we all have flaws, that dark side we keep secret. We fight the eternal battle of good vs evil, albeit it is sometimes all in our head. Only few of us though, will admit to it. Like Camille Preaker. This description from “goodreads” perfectly sums it up (WICKED above her hipbone, GIRL across her heart). Kudos Gillian Flynn! Highly recommend this book if you are a fan of dark mysteries.

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Book review: “Sharp Objects” by Gillian Flynn

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