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My coworker and I had picked this book as part of our book club read and it turned out to be a tad denser than I expected. An intriguing storyline and the curiosity to find out what happens next kept me going and I wasn’t disappointed. A hundred few pages though would have done miracles to this book in my opinion. The interesting narrative, well thought out characters and beautiful descriptions of the countryside get a little lost in all the words. I loved the fact though that the “Secret” is revealed to the reader at the beginning (the basic premise being that Lauren witnesses something when she was a child, an incident that her mother had kept secret and carries with her to her deathbed with much regret), and does not have you guessing till the middle or worse till the end. The story told in alternate perspectives of Lauren, Dorothy, Vivien and Jimmy spanning a few decades is captivating and those that forge on to the end are rewarded with an excellent plot twist.

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Book review : “The Secret Keeper”

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