The Dreamer’s Dilemma: Prevent Your Dreams from Turning into Nightmares | LinkedIn

The Dreamer’s Dilemma: Prevent Your Dreams from Turning into Nightmares | LinkedIn.

Here’s an interesting article on the dreamers dilemma by Michael Lazerow.

If you think about it, it’s not that we don’t have dreams, it’s the part about taking the first step that’s the struggle. The little things in life take up so much time and energy, What’s for dinner tonight? Who’s taking the kids to soccer practice? And on and on goes the endless list, that dreams seem like fantasies possible only in a parallel universe. I have pictured in my mind’s eye the idea of living my dream and just the very thought of it puts a smile on my face. And I have equally wondered what could be holding me back to forget everything else and plunge into it headlong. Anything is possible if you dream and work hard, right? This article though gives me pause. Is it enough to dream and dream big? Could it be more than a lack of courage or passion that could be holding us back ? Michael Lazerow makes a good case for why most of us have dreams but only a few of us manage to make it a reality in one lifetime.

It makes sense that to achieve a dream, it has to be not only something which is feasible, but also one that is achievable. It makes sense that writing the next bestseller is a hard dream to achieve when you lack the much-needed creativity to tell a fascinating story. Painting the next masterpiece is hard to do when you are are not a good artist. Could it be that if we dream within our capacity of achievement, there is far less disappointment and far more fulfillment? On some level this definitely makes sense

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