A glimpse into the lives of today’s troubled teens

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“Reconstructing Amelia”, a remarkable debut by new author Kimberly McCreight, offers a glimpse, a sneak peek if you will, into the lives of today’s troubled teens.

With ever demanding work and home schedules and kids after school activities, our lives have become so insanely busy that there isn’t time to even stop and think why we’re doing what we’re doing.

Getting back from a tiring day at work, it is so tempting to crash on the couch and watch mindless TV but I feel guilty sometimes even thinking this, ’cause what I want to do more than anything else is spend time with my kids and find out how their day went.

The small things eat up so much of our time and energy that we tend to lose focus on the bigger, more important ones such as spending quality time with our kids and being there for them when they need us the most.

“Reconstructing Amelia” opens with a devastated Kate, an overworked single mother and a talented lawyer, trying to piece together the circumstances that led to the tragic loss of her only daughter Amelia.

When Amelia a 15 – year old vivacious girl, who always did well at school and never got in trouble, is accused of cheating, it stuns not only Kate but her teachers and friends as well. As Kate digs deeper and deeper into Amelia’s troubled life, she is shocked to realize how little she knew her daughter or understood her.

The novel works itself backward with Kate trying to reconstruct the events in Amelia’s life and is a story about how hard a mother can fight to redeem a child she so deeply loved.

Brilliantly handled is how Ms. McCreight narrates the story from Kate, a middle age single mother’s and Amelia, a 15-year old typical teenager’s perspective.

Teenagers nowadays deal with a lot of complex issues in a world that is much changed since the days we were growing up. With the advent of social media, email, talking and texting, their lives are out there for their peers to see and judge. Adolescence is a time of rapid change both emotionally and physically and I can only imagine the toll it takes on their impressionable minds.

While we cannot fight their battles for them, we can surely create an atmosphere at home that is conducive to communication.

If our kids feel comfortable discussing with us the issues they deal with or what troubles them, be it a bully at school or a girl they fancy, we can not only help them but it makes the bond between us that much stronger.

There is a Kate and an Amelia is every family and this is a story most of us parents can relate to.

I remind my boys everyday that mom and dad are here for them no matter what. I hope that if and when the time comes that they really need our help, they remember that we got their back.

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