Oh..the root canal…not the Suez canal…the root canal

rootcanalBummed to report that one of our fellow buddies had to get a root canal procedure done yesterday….ouch 😦 Hope you start to feel better soon (and I really wish you lived in Colorado or Washington right now…for the soothing scenic views of course…got nothin’ to do with the easy availability of strong painkillers). So here’s your reminder ladies…move those regular dentist appointments to the top of your To-Do list!!! Thinking of you fellow bud and hope you heal away…..

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The Sacred Thread


If asked to name the one book that has shaped my views on surrogacy and leads me to have a whole new level of respect for it, it’s  “The Sacred Thread” by Adrienne Arieff.  Giving birth to a child and becoming a mother is a no brainer for the most of us, but what if it weren’t so easy. What if you were unable to carry a child no matter how hard you tried?  What if every attempt at doing so ended in failure and despair? Would surrogacy be an option? How would we feel about it? Would we have the same unconditional love for a child not borne out of our womb? Arieff explores these and other complex emotions tied to surrogacy in “The Sacred Thread”. It’s comes across as an honest account of Arieff’s journey living through heartbreaking loss trying to start a family, leading her and husband Alex to seek the help of a surrogacy clinic “Akanksha” located in a remote part of Gujarat in India. She moves to India to forge a bond with their surrogate Vaina, a young and personable young woman, also a mother of three children and to be there for the birth of her twin girls India and Emma. In a world where we are so vastly separated by our differences be it the color of our skin, the language we speak, the cultures and beliefs we hold, this is a refreshing story of how only two women could come together to create a miracle called life.

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