Farmer’s market

This past weekend, when I said to my son that we were going to the Farmer’s market, he asked me “Are we going there to get a farmer?” Living in the city is the bane of our existence. So I decided to educate him (and myself) on the benefits of supporting our local farmers and eating fresh farm grown organic fruits and vegetables. The farmer’s market by where I live, is a place where you can find lots of seasonal fruits and vegetables, locally prepared food and sometimes crafts by people in the community. Our local library also hosts events there such as story time for kids and crafts for kids. Did you know that the market supports the local farmers by letting them keep most of the profits they get from selling their share of the produce? There is less handling, less refrigeration required and less transportation cost. To the consumer, the market offers an easy way to buy fresh and healthy produce and a chance to give back to their local community.

In support of our farmers, they are trying to make a living just like the rest of us.



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