Jo Nesbo Harry Hole series

Jo Nesbo

Jo Nesbo is hands down one of the most talented crime fiction writers of our time. I have read all of the Harry Hole books (except the Phantom which I am very much looking forward to) His plots are complex and engaging but not too convoluted at the same time that they defy reality. Harry Hole, the protagonist in the Harry Hole series, is at times absolutely adorable and other times insanely exasperating, a drives-people-up-the-wall type of personality. This is, in some ways antithesis to the type of lead characters we see in crime fiction. Harry is not a knight in shining armor or a person who would score very high on the moral compass scale, he takes no prisoners, and is an alchoholic who basically treats people around him like crap . But by the same token, he is a brilliant detective. His is one of the very best in the Oslo city Crime Squad unit with a keen sense of observation and an eye for the detail. Nesbo’s read on human behavior is uncanny, and the proverbial twist in the plot will not disappoint the avid mystery fan. There are 8 books in the series so far, the ninth installment  “Phantom” is out in bookstores this month. Happy reading, … and till next time…


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