Random musings

  1. one slice of banana bread is not enough, two slices is too much
  2. rush hour shouldn’t be called rush hour when no one is really rushing anywhere
  3. “kids say the darnest things”
  4. cointreau tastes so much better with strawberry banana than orange strawberry
  5. nothing beats fresh strawberries dipped in melted chocolate
  6. can johnny depp always be 40
  7. when I look at the moon through a telescope, do you think someone on the moon is looking back at me from a telescope
  8. we have 100 pairs of winter gloves at home, we just don’t know where they are
  9. mommy is level 1 on the timeout scale, daddy is level 2
  10. just realized from the book i am reading what pulling a charles is 🙂

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